Copyright, Confidentiality and Licensing

Biggles Software can only supply FCOM and AOM-based software to Aircraft Operators and TRTOs, and to pilots who are currently operating the aircraft type.

To ensure better compliance with manufacturer Copyright, Confidentiality and Licensing requirements - whilst respecting your data protection and confidentiality - Biggles Software is developing a more robust method of determining individual eligibility. It will no longer be possible to 'self-certify' eligibility.

This will probably require individuals to complete some form of application stating which airline they work for and in what capacity, etc, and to provide documentary evidence of which FCOM or AOM is applicable, its revision status and date of issue, etc.

It is hoped that it will not take too long to develop a manageable, compliant process but, until then, safe flying!

A compliant process has now been agreed and is in the development stage. All going well, Biggles Software should be available mid-September.

Thank you to everyone who has been in touch!